Prince Of A Thousand Enemies
Prince Of A Thousand Enemies
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Unabashed Lucifer Sympathizer

luciferious replied to your post: i am constantly aesthetically-torn bet…

I go back and forth between design school goth and tacky halloween tomboy I feel your pain.

tacky halloween tomboy is the best thing i’ve heard all week |’:

i am constantly aesthetically-torn between despondent mahou shoujo fairy queen and eerie, vile witchbitch. there is no in-between.

Supernatural » Signs, sigils and traps

Supernatural » Signs, sigils and traps


my skin is cut from stone;
my bones are made of ice. (x)


despite my singed feathers
and this tattered scroll i haul around,
i’m not an angel. 
i’m only a shadow,
the shadow of your desires.

dani’s spn graphics challenge
castials vs. catastrophicas

oh my gOD


He was hauling pure lyrium bricks around in his mouuuuuth.


queersamweek: day 6: Sam is a ruthless serial killer:
↳ Sam Winchester appears to be a very kind, very sincere person looking for a no-strings attached night of fun, but his victims don’t know that’s not the only thing he’s interested in doing.

Black hole sun,
Won’t you come
And wash away the rain? [x]

We know a little about a lot of things; just enough to make us dangerous.

The Common Tongue is a lingua franca. The Andal south speaks the New Tongue with different dialects in the different regions. The Northerners speak a creole of the Old Tongue and New Tongue but people living in the most remote parts still speak the Old Tongue. The wildings speak the Old Tongue. The Ironborn speak a creole of the Old Tongue and various essosi languages.

+ awkward encounters of people speaking different languages being unable to understand each other
+ bilingual!Starks
+ Theon forgetting his native language because no one in the North speaks it
+ someone getting pissed off because everyone makes fun of their accent

this is by far the most delightful thing to find in a kink meme