Prince Of A Thousand Enemies
Prince Of A Thousand Enemies
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Unabashed Lucifer Sympathizer

well, ain’t you a glass half full.


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……Are you serious? |:

Bro I have gotten literally six different emails today about comments. At first I thought it was you editing the document and that GDocs was glitching or something and saying you were anon. But then I got a notification from a user who was logged in and went to investigate.

Idk man, I just resolved all the comments and switched the privacy settings on the docs so that people can’t comment at all anymore. I’m just like, fucking rude much?

Yeah seriously. Jfc now my face is burning lkfksadg This is frustrating because I thought we made it pretty clear that not only is this a rough draft, but also that we’re working in private documents in tandem with what’s being posted |:

I mean, there were several posts between us about how whole sections of chapters were going to eventually be cut.

looool, i am so behind on my queer!sam week stuff. i don’t think i’m gonna do every day, but i do have a few ideas in mind (and they’re definitely gonna be posted late, whoops)

right now i’m working on favorite poly relationship and boY AM I EXCITED



since i’m strapped for cash right now, I’M OPENING COMMISSIONS!!

currently, i am only offering sketch commissionsup for pre-order on my storenvy shop. i am offering

since these are quick sketches, each ‘product’ is available for pre-order: add the item to your checkout, and specify which character/person + color you would like in the NOTE section of the order. 

if you have any questions, or if something isn’t working for you, feel free to send me an ask or contact me at

okay after some bumps and troubles, i think i’ve got everything smoothed out?? i’m hoping.. 

if you tried to order something from me earlier and it gave you a paypal error, or any other kind of error, please try again. i am so sorry for any problems, this is my first time doing this so please please forgive me. aand maybe buy a thing?? [puppy dog eyes?]

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omg zee, that’s an AWESOME CASTING. i also like djimon hounsou. omg those are perffff.

ahhhh THANK YOU.

and yeah, idk mr. hounsou has the voice and the presence for it (to me, personally) sO


All those times you ran away, you weren’t running from them. You were running towards me.

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0u0 THANK!!

i’m still ruminating on low key, but i always sorta saw kris kristofferson as wednesday. 

a) AMERICAN GODS !!!!!!!!! and b) wHO IS IT do we get to know


and yes ahhh, giancarlo esposito! i think he could really embody the fastidiousness/bookish nature that mr. ibis gives off. 

(i’d really love to see djimon hounsou as mr. jacquel too, personally. i know a lot of people fancast idris elba, bUT)

i’ve been quietly fancasting american gods for like… the last year and i finally realized who i would love to see as mr. ibis.

this feels like some sort of strange accomplishment

I want us to be a family again…