Prince Of A Thousand Enemies
Prince Of A Thousand Enemies
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Unabashed Lucifer Sympathizer

[i need to build my queue back up but i have a doctor’s appt tomorrow so i’m probably not gonna work on it later, hence the lack of content. thanks for understanding y’all <3]

duffmansean replied to your post: So, in order to get a good idea of ho…

omg you look adorable!!!!! but doesn’t that get annoying? having your bangs /right there/ over your eyes? would drive me nuts, that’s only why i ask. xD but srssly, you look so dang cute omg *pats your adorable face*

i wear false lashes and contacts a lot, so i’m used to things near/on my eyes! i will say tho, the worst part was how sweaty it made my forehead D’:

i cut up my wig to try and get an idea of how my real hair would like in that style, and this actually helped me decide against it because of how hot it makes me face having all that hair against it. that, and, the red dye would leech out of my hair and directly onto my forehead/temples and stain it |’:

(ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) thank you for your kind words tho ~*mwah*~


THE TRUEFORM SERIES MARCHES ONWARD! who could this pretty face be!?


(he’s now in the company of deancasgabrielcrowley, lucifer, and abaddon!)

so i drew a horse skull mainly because i really like horse skulls, but upon further inspection, my stream viewers did find out that dreaming of a white horse, and sometimes gray horses, can be death omens! so that’s a definite plus…well, you know, kinda.


he’s covered in rusted knives and other torture devices, with relatively low wings to help support the breaking wheel between his shoulders. so, they’re relatively useless. all things considered, he’s fairly simple—and a bit less on the height scale as far as the other demons go, measuring at about 600’!

So, in order to get a good idea of how I would look with (hime-style) bangs, I cut up my Aradia wig (I cut the length too to make it easier to style) and took pics. And o h m y g o s h. I thought it would look terrible, but I have to say… I look pretty fucking cute.

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"Hell is empty and all the devils are here."

luciferious replied to your post: i am constantly aesthetically-torn bet…

I go back and forth between design school goth and tacky halloween tomboy I feel your pain.

tacky halloween tomboy is the best thing i’ve heard all week |’:

i am constantly aesthetically-torn between despondent mahou shoujo fairy queen and eerie, vile witchbitch. there is no in-between.

Supernatural&#160;» Signs, sigils and traps

Supernatural » Signs, sigils and traps


my skin is cut from stone;
my bones are made of ice. (x)